ACTIVMOTION Distal Femoral Osteotomy Plate & PSI

The implants of the ACTIVMOTION range are intended for knee osteotomy in adults. The patient specific guide for DFO based on patient’s CT scan, offers a correction into the frontal and sagittal planes.


  • Material: Titanium


  • Plate sizes: Size 1 – up to 16ο of correction, Size 2 – up to 20ο of correction


  • Screw diameter: 4.5mm (self-tapping)


  • Screws: 8 locking & 1 polyaxial locking screw allowing to avoid the intercondylar notch, if necessary. Possible angulation of the screw before locking (25° locking range)


  • Country of origin: France


  • Posterior anatomical bracket congruent with the femoral surface for accurate positioning.


  • Precise correction and placement with Patient Specific Instruments.


  • 2 offset screw holes improving the mechanical features of the assembly and preventing loss of angular correction.