Anatomic Models

Physical models of real size biologic tissues can offer the improved preoperative planning and the understanding of the damaged tissue when conditions are not favorable.  Tangible 3D models assist with medical personnel training and the descriptive analysis of the damage. Another significant advantage of these models is their use as a ground for modifying the geometry of the implants preoperatively (preplating) on the existing tissue or its future reconstruction.

An example is an oncologic or polytraumatic incident where part of the tissue is absent or must be removed. Through 3D analysis and printing, the symmetric representation of the missing tissue or its desirable reconstruction can be created. Then, the implant can be mounted and geometrically modified on it (if the implant is not 3d printed) prior to the operation in order to save time and achieve perfect fitting.


Oncology anatomic models

Design of the symmetric absent tissue and preplating

Preoperative check of implant fitting and modification